Herbal Hot Compress Massage Natural Wing


Warm Thai Herbal poultices are in conjunction with a full body Ancient Thai massage to heal your bodies’ aches and pains, promoting better circulation and skin tone

Duration: 60 minutes – 90 minutes

You can get Warm Thai Herbal for 90 minutes session, please set as extra when you select your appointment.


Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage

An original, ancient Thai traditional therapy that uses a combination of fresh and dried herbs and spices. A steamed Thai herbal bolus is meticulously created and applied to the pressure points of the whole body to relieve sore and exhausted muscles and to stimulate blood circulation, leaving you completely revitalized.

Benefits of Thai Herbal Hot Compress

  •  Helps heal bruised, sore muscles and ligaments.

The herbal balls release its essential oils and medicinal properties which penetrate the skin.
Add the pressure from the massage and you have a more relaxed body and less soreness after an hour’s session.

  • Reduce the Osteoarthritis pain.

The study found both massage and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduced osteoarthritis pain.

  • Relaxation and relief to recharge your energies.

The therapist works the herbal balls along the meridian lines and acupressure points of the body to stimulate every touched point.

  • Improves lymph drainage and blood circulation.

More oxygen-rich blood reaches your brain and organs.
This makes your body perform at optimal levels.
It also gives skin a healthy glow and helps cells regenerate faster.

  • Cleans, heals and strengthens the skin.

The astringent properties of the herbs heal minor skin irritations while the pria root stimulates cell growth to strengthen the skin.

  • Aids in healing upper respiratory ailments.

Peppermint and camphor are commonly added to the herb mix for a comforting scent that also helps to clear congestion from coughs and colds.

Gold Thai Spa Certified Ministry of Health Thailand
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