Aromatic Oil Massage Natural Wing


Using Aromatic Oil of your choice, this soothing massage allows the healing properties of natural aromatic oil penetrate into your skin for a healthier and smoother appearance, it will relax your body and mind.

Duration: 60 minutes


Aromatic Oil Massage

  • Better circulation.

With an aromatherapy massage, parts of the body are gently manipulated, which increases blood flow to the muscles and vital organs.

  • Decreased anxiety.

A massage combined with aromatherapy can calm the senses and induce relaxation.
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, aromatherapy massage decreases anxiety levels by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers and stress reduction hormones.

  • Enhanced mental awareness.

The scents of essential oils and stimulation of massage on the body activates the olfactory nerves in the brain, which amplifies serotonin production and enhances a person’s mental capacity.

  • Headache relief.

Individuals who suffer from constant headaches may possibly find relief with an aromatherapy massage.

  • PMS relief

Premenstrual syndrome affects millions of women each month, plaguing them with bloating, fatigue and increased sensitivity to pain.
Fortunately, the unpleasant markers of PMS are known to be eliminated via aromatherapy massage.

  • Better Sleep.

​To help prevent bouts of insomnia, calming methods like aromatherapy massage are recommended to induce sleep.When used as a tool to encourage sleep, it’s advised to receive an aromatherapy massage in the later afternoon or evening.

  • Toxin removal.

The gentle manipulation of the body along with the purifying scents of essential oils encourage lymphatic drainage, which assists in the elimination of toxins.

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